Funeral Packages

Funeral Limousine

Why rent a limousine for a Funeral or Memorial Service

Losing a loved one is an extremely sad experience. However, attending a funeral and organizing it is never easy. But it is obvious. Fortunately we can help you with our services at those delicate and tragic moments. Girons Limo Services can provide you with a funeral limo. This will help you alleviate one more burden from your list. Our caring chauffeurs know just how to provide discreet, kind, and respectful service. Even during this time in your family’s life, our limo service will provide you the best.

There are many times when a limo is appropriate and a funeral service is one of those times. We have limos depending on how large the deceased person’s family is. There is typically one or two family limousines that carry the immediate family from the church. Our limos will also carry your family to the gravesite. On the other hand, the limo will carry funeral home to the church and then to the gravesite.

Take care of the Transport

People are often upset, emotional and sad on funerals. In such situation, it is nice to leave the driving up to someone else. A kind, courteous, and professional limousine driver will, open the doors and help people in and out of the cars. A uniformed chauffeur will be assigned to each funeral to distinguish them from the rest of the crowd. They will wait by the vehicle during any services for their passengers and assist them in any way needed.

A funeral limo would be a black stretch limo of 10 passengers or less. Unless someone specifically requests for something different. Their are many different black stretch limos to choose from. It depends on how many people would be riding in the funeral procession and the style a family wants.

Provide a respectful environment

The typical arrangement for a funeral is to have the limousine pick up the family at the funeral home. It will take them to the church, following the hearse in a line of mourners. On some rare occasions, depending on the circumstances, an arrangement could be made to pick up the family at one house and brought to the funeral home. After that, they will be driven to the church and then on to the graveside ceremony.

Afford mourners privacy

A private car with a third-party driver is the best way to help those who want to grieve privately. This type of transportation may be especially important if the death was a surprise or accident as well as if the person’s family is particularly distraught. Many of the stretch limos have couch seating so that the family can be close to one another. This way, family will be able to comfort each other easily, in this difficult time. If the family is small, then a Town Car would be enough and still be elegant and appropriate for a funeral procession.

After a gravesite ceremony, some people go out for a luncheon or gather at one person’s home to remember the life of the deceased. A pre-arranged  limo could take the family back to their homes or take them on to the luncheon. This way, everyone can know where they would end up after the graveside ceremony.

Keep things orderly

When you hire a funeral limo, you can easily choose the option that is right for your family. We have executive sedans that hold four people, elite SUVs that can transport seven guests, stretch vehicles that hold 10 to 14 people, and a variety of vans and limo buses for larger groups. Depending on your needs, we can offer you several vehicles or just one. You let us know what you are thinking, and we help you narrow in on the right car for your needs.

Relatives can be transferred from regional airports in a timely and professional manner. Relatives from other towns will be transferred to their specified locations. Girons Limo Service will ensure their ultimate comfort. Our attentive chauffeurs will treat them with deference and sensitivity.

Our Services

We all know that passing out of a loved one is obvious but is never easy. Girons Limo Service is here to make funerals easier for the grieving and to offer discreet livery service to your loved one’s funeral.

The following are the services we offer in our funeral package:

  • Our courteous and respectful drivers offer discreet, professional service during the journey.
  • Our fleet includes large-sized vehicles that can transport from six family members up to thirty at a time. This will reduce the number of vehicles needed for the service.
  • We can accommodate multiple stops to arrange for transport to the ceremony and the grave-site, if needed.
  • Our experienced drivers know the area well. This will reduce the risk of traffic hassles along the way.
  • For larger groups, Limo Buses, Shuttle Buses and Sprinter vans are all available in black.

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